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Lost Pages Loot

Woohoo! Finally got my hands on a Chthonic Codex boxset, Wonder & Wickedness and Marvels & Malisons from the Lost Pages stand at Conpulsion earlier today. Really looking forward to diving in to these little beauties!

While I was in Edinburgh I stopped by the Black Lion gameshop (well it’d be rude not to) and picked up my first d30 especially to use with Yoon-Suin. There’s 1 table in the book that uses a d30, so it’s bound to get used once or twice. That’s more times than most of the other dice in my collection…


Ooh… my hanafuda cards have arrived from Japan. That was quick, I only ordered them last week. I got the Tengu set, cos you know, Tengu. Wow, they’re so tiny! And of course, the instructions are in Japanese, and sadly I’m not as fluent as I’d like. To the Google-cave!