My first RPG experience was playing Dungeons & Dragons (Mentzer Red Box) around 1985. I was usually a cleric with a big knobbly mace. This is possibly one of the reasons I like Nik Naks.

The first RPG I bought was a superhero system called Golden Heroes (Games Workshop). It had great artwork, but without a comic license to hang the rules on it was chock full of unestablished non-canonical characters. Not necessarily a bad thing but I don’t *think* I ever ended up playing it.

The first RPG I GMed was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness (Palladium Books). The fact that it was full of familiar characters designs probably helped me stomach the rules which in hindsight weren’t super.


These days I’m either GMing, homebrewing or daydreaming. I like rules light games or those with elegant mechanics.

My dice collection is getting silly. I possibly have more sets of dice than games. I’m trying to rectify this situation.

I help run East Neuk Tabletop Games with David Wright of A 2nd Chapter.

I’m also in a band called Gummi Bako.