Artillery of the Russo-Turkish War (1877-1878)

Russian Artillery

Each Russian infantry division was supported by an artillery brigade. Each cavalry division had 2 batteries attached. Don Cossacks were also supported by 2 batteries of 3-pdr. mountain guns.

Artillery brigade

  • 3 batteries of 4-pdr. guns
  • 3 batteries of 9-pdr. guns

NB Turkestan and Siberian artillery brigades had a battery of 3-pdr. mountain guns instead of one of their 4-pdr. batteries.


  • 4-pdr. batteries had 6 guns
  • 3-pdr. batteries had 8 guns


  • Model 1867: Bronze breechloaders built after the Krupp pattern which were outranged by the Turkish steel guns.
  • The 4-pdr. actually fired 12 lb shells and the 9-pdr. fired 24 lb shells.

Turkish Artillery


  • 3 Battalions


  • 4 field batteries
  • 1 horse battery
  • 1 Gatling battery


  • 6 guns


  • Horse artillery batteries and two battalions of field artillery were equipped with 4-pdr. and 6 pdr. Krupp steel breechloaders.
  • The remainder of the Turkish artillery were armed with bronze breechloaders built after the Krupp pattern.