Golden Axe Awards 2014


The Year of the Game

It’s been a great year for gaming locally. In the 8 months that East Neuk Tabletop has been in existence we’ve had 13 get-togethers and we’ve collectively played 56 different tabletop games! I think that’s quite a remarkable achievement. Not only that, it’s been great fun!

The Game of the Year

We thought it would be a nice idea to see which game was the most popular this year amongst us all, and bestow upon it ENT’s newly acquired accolade… the GOLDEN AXE AWARD!

So which game shall I choose as my favourite? Of course I’ve not played all 52, which makes things easier, but I’ve had a pretty good crack at it. Here’s a list of everything I’ve played this year at ENT:

BANG! / Braggart / Camel Up / Cards Against Humanity / Ca$h ‘n Guns / Citadels / Cthulhu Fluxx / Dobble / Dragon Slayer / Flash Point: Fire Rescue / Forbidden Desert / Formula D / Get Bit! / Get Lucky / Hey, that’s my fish! / King of Tokyo / Kittens in a Blender / Love Letter / Munchkin Deluxe / Poo / Quarriors / RARRR! / Roborally / Seasons / Sentinels of the Multiverse / Shinobi Wat-Aah! / Snow Tails / The Resistance / Zombicide / Zombies!!!

Quite a formidable selection… However not every game has been right up my street. But I’ve appreciated playing them all as it’s helped me realise what ticks my boxes… boxes that I wasn’t aware that I had until earlier this year. More on that later.

Stay tuned for My Short List

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