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Writing my first RPG adventure

Although I’ve run homebrew RPG adventures, I’ve never created a definitively finished thing. I have a proven track record of not finishing anything. So when I heard that the Storytelling Collective were running a workshop to help folks write their first adventure I thought I’d give it a go.

It’s designed to help you write, produce and publish a one-shot adventure over the course of a month. Hopefully it’s just what I need to help me get over the start line, never mind the finish line. Fingers crossed!

It’s day 1. So far, so good.

If you’re interested, you can find all the info here:

Claymore PP win!

I’m delighted to report that the East Neuk Irregulars won best public participation game at Claymore wargames show in Edinburgh at the weekend. We’re well chuffed!

It was a Rhodesian Bush War game featuring Rhodesian Light Infantry and Selous Scouts vs ZANLA irregulars, which we ran using a modified version of the Crossfire WWII rules by Arty Conliffe. We devised rules for K-car air support amongst other things. You can just see the Alouette K-car and G-car in the top piccy. Against all odds, ZANLA even managed to RPG them out of the sky on the odd occasion. Oh well, these things happen 🙂

There were only two of us able to be there to run the game, and as a result I almost lost my voice by lunchtime. Cooncil juice to the rescue!

Wargames Hobby Craft Symposium

Went along today’s Symposium with a detachment from the East Neuk Irregulars. What a great event! Got to pick up tips on painting, conversions and sculpting directly from the dab hands. The hobby needs more of this kind of thing! If you’re interested in upping your game hobby-craft-wise, then you owe it to yourself to pop along tomorrow for day#2. Well done to David Imrie and all the team for putting this together. Many thanks!

Carronade 2017 public participation game winners!

Carronade 2017

Oops we did it again!

Our local wargaming group, the East Neuk Irregulars, won Best Public Participation Game at Carronade 2017! HUZZAH 🙂

I managed to sneak off table duty for a bitty and snaffle some 20mm WWII + Modern miniatures that I’ve been after for yonks. Only to return and find there was a trophy on our table!

Forgot to take any piccies though (shame on me) as we were pretty busy all day. But take it from me, it was a great show, and we’re all chuffed to bits!


Targe 2016 participation table winners!


Well who’da thunk it? My local wargaming group, the East Neuk Irregulars, won best participation table at Targe 2016 Wargames Show in Kirriemuir on the weekend. WOOHOO! 🙂

Our game was “Britain’s Secret War” and featured the SAS in Indonesia (1962-66), trekking through the jungle to a landing zone after completing a mission… or is it just beginning?

We created our own rules for the game and it allowed players to get straight in to the action and get a game played within 15 minutes. Every game was different and there were some great dramatic moments! I wish I could tell you more but it’s all incredibly hush hush you understand.

Targe was hosted by Kirriemuir Wargames Club and was a great day out. Many thanks to all the players who “stepped up to the table” in more ways than one.

Bye for now, I best get back to my hot tub and champagne! 🙂

Figures by Commando Miniatures and Copplestone Castings, animals by Ral Partha. With special thanks to Tony of 2nd City Games.