Golden Axe 2014: The Whittling

I’ve played 30 different tabletop games this year at ENT, so it’s quite a task to decide on my top 3. In order to make things easier I’ve whittled down the list to my top 10. Without further ado… here they are!



It’s hard not to like Braggart. It’s a light-hearted card game of telling tall tales and calling out others for theirs. Simple to play and good for a quick laugh.


Ca$h ‘n Guns

You and your fellow gangsters have a great big pile of loot. The question is who gets what? Being gangsters there’s only one way to sort it out and that’s with guns! In the heat of the moment who do you point yours at? Or do you try and save your skin for another deal on another day?



Citadels is an intriguing card game where you can assume the role of a different influential citizen of a medieval city on each turn. Your objective is to establish the most impressive city through building a certain number of districts. The thing is each type of citizen can affect each round of play in different ways. Will you focus on building quickly, ostentatiously or cunningly?



A quick yet surprisingly tricky image matching game. Not one I would’ve rushed to try but it’s actually pretty good fun. Definitely worth a go!


Dragon Slayer

As push your luck dice games go this is the best that I’ve tried. You choose which dragon you want to hunt, the harder a dragon is to defeat the more points you get for succeeding. But be wary of your rival dragon slayers – they can challenge you to keep dragonslaying even though the odds might be against you.


Formula D

Racing miniature Formula 1 cars around hairpin bends and chicanes is a good laugh with a gang of dangerous drivers. Do you take the corners at speed and risk damaging your dream machine? Just make sure you don’t explode before you reach the finishing line. The game features custom dice that simulate the different gear speeds. Nice touch!


King of Tokyo

Giant monster mayhem on the smallest board known to man! Choose your monster and then go on the rampage. Do you build up your power level to unleash a whole host of special powers, or just go on an all out attack? One one kaiju can be King of Tokyo!


Munchkin Deluxe

I’ve been aware of Munchkin for a long time but it seemed a little silly so I was never keen to give it a go. More fool me! After watching the Munchkin Tabletop episode I knew I had to play it. Dungeon delving has never been so much fun. It’s not the monsters you need to watch out for though, it’s your buddies!



Yes it’s puerile, but there’s something rather strangely satisying about a couple of hands of Poo. It’s by no means the most strategic game in the world but if you’re looking for some cheap laughs, it’s worth a shot.


Shinobi Wat-Aah!

Lots of opportunities for shenanigans with this ninja themed card game. Do you build your clans, sabotage your opponents or both? The fantastic artwork really helps to set the scene. Includes an optional endgame with the bigboss if you’re up for a little bit more action.

Which games will make my top three of 2014? Watch this space!

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