TSR Treats

Picked up these tasty TSR treats from DriveThruRPG for much cheapness recently. They were so cheap in fact, that I didn’t have to think twice. INSTA-BUY! And they only took a week to arrive from ordering… and that’s with 2nd class mail! That’s quite a service, considering they’re print-on-demand.

I’ve always had a fascination with Hommlet as it was the first module that I played back-in-the-day. Even after all these years, I can still remember the wondrous feeling I had exploring this ‘other world’. So it’s cool to finally get a hard copy without handing over out a small fortune. Hopefully there’s still some magic in there somewhere.

I’d never seen a Fiend Folio in the wild until last year, and I was surprised at how fantastic the interior art was. It’s got to be the best looking old-school monster manual. I knew I’d have to get my hands on my very own before too long. I’m going to enjoy perusing this tome of terror!

2 thoughts on “TSR Treats

  1. Simon Barns

    FF is a very British TSR product. I think a lot of it was from the FF column in White Dwarf, Games Workshop at that time distributing AD&D.

    Are you going to be treating players to this volume’s contents?!?

  2. donjondo Post author

    Hi Simon, I’m liking it so far, though being a Brit, maybe I’m biased. I think at the very least, the illustrations give it a different vibe from its US cousins. I’m actually wondering about running a campaign that just uses creatures from the Fiend Folio. Be interesting to see what kind of feel that gives the game.


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