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Spent yesterday afternoon bashing on with some much-needed game design. We managed to sort out a lot of ideas and plans for Jailbreak Jam and a couple of variant games. The time just flew by!

  • Playtested and tweaked a new game inspired by Jailbreak Jam
  • Planned possible expansions to fit the various deck sizes of playing card manufacturers
  • Future proofing the base game so it can work with possible expansions

We’ve got a lot on the go at the mo, but the benefit of that is, we’re finding ideas and mechanisms that can be transferred between different games.

It was great to be able to bounce ideas around again! If you’re looking to get in to game design I’d definitely recommend hooking up with like-minded gamers or going along to a local game design group. If you’re stuck, try reaching out on social media to a group like the Card & Boardgame Designers Guild.

Happy gaming!

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