Ten Candles

So last night we played Ten Candles, a tragic horror RPG, with 3 MCs and 1 DJ. From my perspective, as a player, it was great. The ritual of the game really helped build the atmosphere and tension.

We started by each recording an audio message for posterity. An unconventional start, but I thought it helped cement who our characters were and what was important to us. The room was lit only with 10 candles. Whenever we faced adversity and failed, our dice pool would dwindle and a candle would be extinguished.

On occasion, it was possible to call on our character traits to get a reroll, or if we had a moment of hope, gain a bonus dice. But any respite was fleeting… the route to the scenario’s conclusion was a downward spiral of doom. Which is what we signed up for!

After our characters died a grisly, lonely death in the dark, we too were sat in the dark and our audio messages were played back. They seemed to have acquired an odd resonance… shaded with our knowledge of the fate that befell those poor souls.

I played ‘Dozer’ MacGarret, a selfish mechanic who got what was coming to him. R.I.P.


Kings of War: Vanguard

Mantic are releasing a skirmish game called Vanguard that focuses on small warbands. In a nice touch, Vanguard ties in with their big battle game Kings of War. It’s currently available on pre-order for half price (that’s £12.49 folks) until October 27th. See the following link for more info:


Pax Pamir: The Great Game?

Thanks to The Men Who Would Be Kings I’ve developed an insatiable fascination for the North-West Frontier. Recently I’ve been compulsively reading Khyber by Charles Miller and have been thoroughly captivated by the farce, tragedy and international intrigue of the Great Game. Khyber’s sub-title in the front pages of the book is “The Story of an Imperial Migraine”… says it all really! I got my copy of Khyber for £2.78 and I would happily have paid ten times that for the riveting read. If you’re looking for an entertaining traverse through the NWF then do pick it up.

Anyhoo as luck would have it, I stumbled across Pax Pamir on Kickstarter. It’s a boardgame I’d never heard of before, but it looks like it captures the spirit of the shenanigans of the Great Game in Afghanistan. If this sounds like your bag, you can find out more about it here: