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Kings of War: Vanguard

Mantic are releasing a skirmish game called Vanguard that focuses on small warbands. In a nice touch, Vanguard ties in with their big battle game Kings of War. It’s currently available on pre-order for half price (that’s £12.49 folks) until October 27th. See the following link for more info:

Carronade 2017 public participation game winners!

Carronade 2017

Oops we did it again!

Our local wargaming group, the East Neuk Irregulars, won Best Public Participation Game at Carronade 2017! HUZZAH 🙂

I managed to sneak off table duty for a bitty and snaffle some 20mm WWII + Modern miniatures that I’ve been after for yonks. Only to return and find there was a trophy on our table!

Forgot to take any piccies though (shame on me) as we were pretty busy all day. But take it from me, it was a great show, and we’re all chuffed to bits!