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Ten Candles

So last night we played Ten Candles, a tragic horror RPG, with 3 MCs and 1 DJ. From my perspective, as a player, it was great. The ritual of the game really helped build the atmosphere and tension.

We started by each recording an audio message for posterity. An unconventional start, but I thought it helped cement who our characters were and what was important to us. The room was lit only with 10 candles. Whenever we faced adversity and failed, our dice pool would dwindle and a candle would be extinguished.

On occasion, it was possible to call on our character traits to get a reroll, or if we had a moment of hope, gain a bonus dice. But any respite was fleeting… the route to the scenario’s conclusion was a downward spiral of doom. Which is what we signed up for!

After our characters died a grisly, lonely death in the dark, we too were sat in the dark and our audio messages were played back. They seemed to have acquired an odd resonance… shaded with our knowledge of the fate that befell those poor souls.

I played ‘Dozer’ MacGarret, a selfish mechanic who got what was coming to him. R.I.P.

Epées & Sorcellerie character sheet update

During the last session of Epées & Sorcellerie, one of the PCs stripped off his armour to try and rid himself of an infestation of bugs. It struck me that it’d be useful to have a place on the character sheet for unarmoured Armour Class and Movement. So I’ve altered those areas and uploaded a new version of the E&S character sheet to the Downloads page.


#RPGaDAY 2017: Day 11

11. Which ‘dead game’ would you like to see reborn?

Fireland RPG

I remember seeing this ad for Fireland in RPG magazines back in the ’80s. It was such a garishly gonzo image I filed it away in the back of my brain in a futile attempt to save my sanity. Nazis and dragons can’t coexist in a fantasy world can they? According to the blurb (see below) those weren’t any old Nazis. They were “hordes of mutated creatures, demons and ghosts armed with rifles and grenades by their master, the insane sorceror Black Wolf”. Oh ok, seems legit!

Years later, the image was still haunting me… I’d never actually seen the game anywhere, no-one spoke of it. Did it actually exist? I found a thread on that suggested the firm went bust after splurging on ads and crazy capital investment. And there was talk that it was possibly a more complex game than it needed to be. So maybe we all dodged a bullet there?

But it does seem a shame to waste such a gloriously gonzo cover. Maybe one to add to the neo-retro RPG pile of games that never were…
Anywhen blurb


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#RPGaDAY 2017: Day 10

10. Where do you go for RPG reviews?

Although I do enjoy watching RPG stuff on Youtube, if I’m looking for a review on a particular game I’m more likely to hunt for a written review. It’s so much easier to find relevant bits of info! Video reviews do have their place though, as visuals can be handy and the tone of the review is easier to pick up on.

But whether it’s a text or video review, one of the most important things to know is what are the reviewer’s preferences. In the past I’ve made the mistake of buying games based on reviewers’ recommendations only to find we have quite different tastes when it comes to game mechanisms.

Know thyself and know thy scribe, and thou shalt play many games that pleaseth thee!


FYI The website collates posts marked with the #RPGaDay hashtag.